Auto Detailing

What Is Auto Detailing?





Auto Detailing

Auto detailing services are the cleaning, restoring and sealing of vehicles. Unlike a a body shops, detail shops do not perform body repairs and maintenance repairs but instead focus on the upkeep of the interior and exterior of a vehicle. It is however not uncommon for auto detail businesses to repair minor dent removal, paint correction, windshield repairs, rock chip removal, and headlight restoration. There are auto detailing shops who have a store front and mobile auto detail businesses who come to your home or office. Auto detail businesses can also be broken down by the types of business structure the offer such as large contract oriented detailing services working on police department vehicles, company vehicles, and state or local government vehicles. The more common auto detailing business structure is a individual customer based structure working on private individuals vehicles. Auto detail services can be broken down into two categories; interior car detailing and exterior car detailing. Interior detailing consists of carpet upholstery shampoo & conditioning, vacuuming, dash board and center console cleaning, stain removal as well as other interior cleaning services. Upholstery repair are typically not services a traditional auto typically service provides. Exterior detailing consists of washing and waxing vehicles, cleaning rims and dressing tires, compounding and polishing paint, minor scratch removal, decal removal, and other form of paint correction. Major body repair and windshield replacements are not common for auto detail businesses.




Auto Detailing
How Much Does Auto Detailing Cost?



Auto Detailing Cost

The cost of auto detailing varies depending on various circumstances. Here are some listed reason for price differences:

  • Mobile Detailing vs Detailing Shop- Mobile detailing services are usually less expensive than shops do to the lower overhead expenses.
  • Years Of Service- Auto detailing businesses that have 10+ years of experience typically charge a higher rate for services.
  • Specialized Services- Auto detailers who also specialize in opt coats, stage 1,2,3 stage paint corrections, and wet sanding can charge more due to a higher degree of skill level.
  • Target Customer- If your target customers are wealthy you should charge a higher rate than businesses targeting auto dealerships and large company vehicle contracts.
  • Location- Living in the middle of rural Wisconsin vs living in Orange County, Ca will effect the costs of auto detail services.

Typically a exterior detail can range from $25-$250 if there is also paint correction services provided and interior details can range from $35- $200 if excessive upholstery stain cleaning is provided.


Why Should I Have My Car Detailed?


Getting My Car Detailed

Having your car routinely detailed keeps the depreciation value of the can down due to less overall wear and tear on your vehicle. Also, for health and safety reasons keeping your front windshield visibility clear and your interior upholstery clean helps prevent the likelihood of dangerous situations occurring.

When should I have a Full Detail?


Full Detailing Service

  • Whenever you buy a used car from a private owner it is recommended you should schedule a full detail service.
  • If you have not had a full service in 4-6 months depending on wether for keep your vehicle in a garage and if you have kids that are in your vehicle often.
  • If you live in an area of the country where the winter months are rough. Make sure you have a detailer put a protective sealant on your paint.
  • When your are looking to sell your vehicle.
How Do I Find Auto Detailing Services?
Auto detailing services in your area can be found through search engines by typing in popular search keywords like auto detailing, mobile auto detailing, auto detailing near me, and mobile auto detailing near me. Lower search volume keywords like auto detailer, mobile auto detailer, auto detailer near me, and mobile auto detailer near me can also provide useful results. Make sure the auto detailing business has a large enough amount of reviews to ensure you have a proper analysis on the customer review opinion about the business.
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