Boat Detailing

Exterior Boat Detailing
How To Detail A Boat Exterior

Boat Detailing And Cleaning

  • Washing- The first step to detailing a boat is to wash and clay bar the entire exterior of the boat. Using a foam gun is recommended when detailing boats 20ft+.
  • Water spot removal- Apply water spot remover on problem areas of the paint and thoroughly rinse the water spot remover off your paint.
  • Oxidation removal- After washing and drying the exterior of the boat use a compound to remove the oxidation from your paint. If you are burning with machine polishers use a dual action polisher as oppose to a rotary polisher to reduce the likelihood of burning through the paint using a rotary polisher.
  • Polishing- After using compound to remove oxidation use a clear coat polish to remove any haze from compounding.
  • Gelcoat Wax- It is highly recommended to use a gel coat based wax for boats because of the durability gel coat waxes have for boats and other marine vehicles.
Interior Boat Detailing
How To Detail A Boat Interior



Boat Interior Detailing

Interior boat detailing consists of the following:

Interior vinyl cleaning- Most people believe the boat interior seats are leather however in most cases the seats are vinyl which keeps the interior upholstery from molding and sun spots from occurring.

Carpet upholstery cleaning-Using a carpet upholstery machine for your boat interior is recommended if there is carpet, however, some boats are made without carpet flooring and instead use a non slip rubber material throughout the floor of the boat.

Interior plastic cleaning- The majority of boat cleaning consists wiping clean all the compartments and plastic on the inside of the boat. Making sure you remove all the seats from the boat and clean the plastic underneath is an import part of an interior boat detail.


Aluminum Platoon Boat Detailing
How To Detail An Aluminum Pontoon Boat




Aluminum Pontoon Boat Detailing & Polishing


  1. Remove any build up and contaminants from the aluminum and rinse off thoroughly.
  2. Spray aluminum brightener from the top down while making sure no brightener gets on the decals and paint of your boat.
  3. Rinse the aluminum brightener with water from the top down.
  4. Apply an aluminum polish to a rotary or dual action polisher and polish the beat aluminum in small sections.
  5. Wipe excess aluminum polish with a microfiber towel.


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