Motorcycle Detailing

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How To Detail A Motorcycle



Motorcycle Detailing

  1.  Clay Bar & Rinse- You should first start off by making sure the motorcycle is contaminate free. You can decontaminate your motorcycle by using a clay bar and instant detailer solution on the paint, chrome, window, and leather of your motorcycle.
  2.  Hard Water Spot Remover- After removing contaminants, apply hard water spot remover on any paint or chrome that has any hard water stain. Apply the hard water stain remover on the motorcycle using a microfiber towel. Apply light coats on problem areas only.
  3. Wash- Use a wash and wax solution of your liking and make sure to rinse all water spot remover chemical off your motorcycle. Make sure all is removed!
  4. Dry- Use micro fiber towels to dry off your motorcycle. A leaf blower can speed up this process.
  5. Polish- If possible, move your motorcycle to a shaded area or garage. Use a dual action polisher to wax the paint on your motorcycle. Apply chrome polish to your rims as well.


motorcycle detailing
How To Polish Chrome On A Motorcycle?




Motorcycle Chrome Polishing


  1. Remove all contaminants from your chrome using a clay bar and instant detailer solution.
  2. Remove all water spots using hard waster spot remover.
  3. Wash off all hard water spot remover using a pressure washer.
  4. Apply a chrome polish of your choice with a microfiber towel.
  5. Use a micro fiber towel to remove any polish residue from your chrome.


Motorcycle Detailing DONT'S



 Top 3 Motorcycle Detailing Mistakes

  • Do not apply tire dressing to the middle section of the tires to avoid slipping while riding .
  • Make sure you do not wash your motorcycle while the engine or pipes are still hot to eliminate potential water spots.
  • Don’t leave any polish on any chrome or paint after polishing your motorcycle.